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Grateful for prayers

2013 I posted a year of daily gratitudes (minus a few days, I came pretty close). I hope fellow tumblers found a few moments of inspiration.
I didn’t ask for anything in return.

Now I am asking….

With four kids in college, all nearing interviews and careers, the stress level in my life is very high. Please say a prayer for peace, direction and wisdom. I am running on empty in all those areas.

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Dec 31:Gratitude:completion

This is the end of one year’s worth of posting gratitudes. I challenged myself to be grateful for one thing everyday for a year, and post those gratitudes in hopes of inspiring others to be grateful as well. I found it to be a challenge, personally. Not sure if it inspired anyone else. Thanks to those of you who shared a few comments.

I am grateful for a log of many gratitudes! Maybe I will begin a journal, who knows? May our next year be full of MANY gratitudes!!! Happy New Year!!! What are you grateful for?

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Dec. 29 & 30:Gratitude:Thank you notes

Action-thank you notes. The holidays may be over, but shouldn’t be forgotten. Now is the time to write a few thank you notes - to grandparents for presents, to the hosts of the family gathering, for that surprise gift. And I don’t mean a text or email, I mean a snail mail, written in your hand, piece of parchment, that says you took the time to say thanks.

I am grateful to be the receiver of many blessings during the holidays. I think it us important for people in my life to KNOW they have been a part of that blessing. I am writing noted and pushing my kids to do the same. Who should you write a note to?

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Dec 25:Gratitude:Love

Action-Love. My spiritual journey has helped me learn the point of religion is to know love and give love. We celebrate Jesus’ birth as a baby in Christmas. EVERYONE loves a baby. Maybe that is the real message of Christmas. We should love one another as much as we love a tiny babe. Is love easy? No. But if we give love as easily as we give gifts, we are bound to get love in return.

I am grateful for the love of family and the love of a Power even greater than I can comprehend. May the love if Christmas be a gift you give and get. Who can you love?even if it is only yourself, love someone today.

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Dec 23:Gratitude:Baking

Action - I had a few people on my list that needed a little something but I didn’t want to create that “now I have to give them a gift” dilemma. Solution - mini loaves of pumpkin bread. Lets them know they are loved…

I am grateful for food that feeds our bodies and feeds our soul. Who can you bake for?

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Dec 19Gratitude:holiday greetings

Action-holiday greetings. While doing a little shopping, today, I made a point to share a few “Merry Christmas,” and “thank you,” comments with the cashiers and Salvation Army bell ringers (remember - donations ALWAYS). They were so grateful for a kind moment as shoppers get cranky.

I am grateful a brief statement can brighten someone’s day. Service workers should NOT be treated as invisible and without feelings. Will you be a gracious shopper?

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Dec 15:Gratitude:Giving Tree

Today we took items to church for the “Giving Tree.” Items go to the local pantry to be distributed to needy children. It is nice to give to those you don’t know while you are shopping for those you love.

I am grateful to spread a little love to those who may not feel loved at the holidays. Even if it is the Salvation Army kettle, who can you give to?

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